Are you ready to break free? After weeks and weeks under a stay-at-home order you may have hit your breaking point, several times, with your kids, your spouse, and the complete inability to just get away. These times are not easy and many of us are having to navigate challenges we never imagined possible. If you are contemplating divorce but don’t know where to start amidst stay-at-home orders with closed courthouses, consider these steps to begin.

First and foremost, recognize that this period during COVID-19 is hard for almost EVERYONE across the globe. You are not alone! If you feel your family relationships are struggling because of the strain these times have caused, I strongly encourage you to seek out a therapist that is willing to schedule virtual meetings. Even if that means you escape to your favorite nail salon or retail store parking lot for a little bit of privacy to have a virtual conference with a counselor, do it! We may all need a little therapy after this experience.

Second, start doing your homework. You are stuck at home and have nowhere you need to be, use this time to get your ducks in a row. The most important first step is making sure you have a good understanding of your finances. If you are the non-CFO (Chief Financial Officer) spouse of your household, then start asking for information and learn what you can.  Contact a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® to help guide you on what you should be gathering.

As you work on the finances begin thinking about what type of divorce you want and who you want on your team. My suggestion is to include a therapist or counselor, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, a family law attorney and/or mediator. Begin to assemble this team. Even now, during COVID-19, these professionals are still at work and ready to serve you.

Each state, county, and court are handling all family issues a little different. You should be able to file for divorce in Houston, but your spouse may or may not be served.  Some states are completely shut down and only the legwork can be done because the legal process won’t start until later. A local family law attorney can help to clarify what your county courts are doing to manage divorce cases throughout COVID-19.

At Next Step Divorce Solutions, we address the financial fears and confusion our clients face during the divorce process and turn it into confidence and clarity. We are ready to serve you, contact us today for your initial strategy session to learn more.