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At Next Step Divorce Solutions, LLC, we work closely to cooperate with individuals and couples to assist them with resolving matters, making educated choices, and informed decisions. With our help, clients gain an understanding of where they stand and what their financial lives will look like after divorce.


We understand your desire in our initial meeting.


We begin our evaluation in order to determine the next step.


We work with your attorney and/or mediator and present you possible options.


We deliver complete and accurate paperwork to your family attorney.


• Inform clients about the choices, process, and finance-related parts of the separation
• Gather and organize all required financial information documents
• Assist in preparing the financial analysis, budgets, and Statement of Net Worth (Financial Disclosure)
• Highlighting the financial traps to abstain from during the mediation procedure
• Guide the client in choosing the right legal advisor or mediator based on their needs, preferences and spending plan

During Divorce

• Review and analyze all financial documents including tax returns, retirement plans, insurance policies to avoid any last-minute concerns
• Assign proper valuation to assets
   – Including pension valuations
   – Obtaining real property valuations
– including stock options and Restricted Stock Units (RSU’s)

• Lifestyle analysis to enhance the future well-being of the family
• Analyze past spending patterns and project future financial needs
• Define which assets are marital vs separate
   – Asset tracing report if needed
• Prepare our clients for meetings with their lawyer or mediator
• Present property settlement solutions
   – Examine the pros and cons of proposed settlement options
   – Evaluate the impact of a settlement offer on the client’s financial future
   – Determine tax ramifications after divorce
• Work alongside your attorney and assist in the negotiation process
• Financial projections of future cash flows by analyzing asset, liability, expense, and income



• Provide lawyer suggestions to prepare new legal documents including the Will, POA, Health Care Proxy, Trusts and so on
• Assess and update monthly spending plans
• Recommendations regarding insurance, realtors and investment advisors
• Guide on how to acquire medical, life, home, auto, and long-term care insurance
• Tips on how to improve credit rating after reviewing the credit score/report
• Support in the transfer of assets
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