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Our aim is to be flexible and listen to our client's needs in order to gain a full understanding of the challenges they face

Our intention is to be a resource for our clients, through this process we can determine all possible scenarios and situations that could take place. This process helps us to best understand our clients so we can help them navigate the financial complexities of divorce.

Next Step Divorce Solution’s 5-Step approach will guide you peacefully, one step at a time, to make your divorce procedure easy and less infuriating.


Initial Consultation

In our initial meeting, you will sit down with our CDFA® who will learn about your situation and understand the desired outcomes of each party. We will then provide you with a checklist of documents and client data sheets to complete.


Paperwork & Clarity

You will provide us with all relevant financial documents so we can begin our evaluation and more clearly determine the next step. We will use this time to also provide any necessary education and clarity about your current financial situation so that all parties are on the same financial playing field of understanding.


Analysis & Report

After acquiring a complete insight into the situation and the financial information, our experts will proceed to assess and complete all the data entry, analysis, and report preparation requirements for your next appointment with your lawyer and/or mediator



Working with your attorney and/or mediator we will come together again for a meeting where we will present our findings and offer you one or more settlement options that you can consider looking into.


Complete & Agreement

Finally, we will deliver the information needed for your family law attorney to prepare documents for filing. You can then approach the court with full confidence that your paperwork is complete and accurate, highlighting all compromises and settlements that are agreed on by both parties.

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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with over 15 years in the financial industry, provide expert financial analysis to better guide you through your asset division.