Do you have a child with Special Needs?

Did you know that incorrectly structuring your divorce settlement could cause your child to lose important government aid assistance?

Growing up with a brother that has special needs I witnessed my parents ongoing struggle to understand the intricacies of government aid assistance, and how to provide the best possible care today and in the future. It is my desire to offer insight and resources to better structure the divorce settlement that will minimize the adverse financial affects to you and your child with special needs.

We can help you eliminate the fear, uncertainty, and frustration of the process.


Special Needs Services

  • Understand your wishes for your future, and your child’s
  • Work with you to develop a life plan for your Child Including, but not limited to:
    – Current and future care plan
    – Medical care needs
    – Education and/or post-education
    – Housing today and in the future
    – Work Opportunities
    – Savings for the future
  • Research and inform you about local assistance programs available now and in the future
  • Help you to understand government aid assistance programs
  • Present settlement options that maximize government assistance programs
  • Identify estate planning needs/tools
  • Provide guidance in properly structuring ongoing child support
  • Build a budget to determine additional costs not covered by child support
    – Current and future therapy and caregiving/facility costs
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