There are two questions I am commonly asked after sharing that I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.

  1. Are you an Attorney?
  2. When is the best time to hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®)?

Thankfully, the answers are simple.

  • Am I an attorney?

The answer is NO, I am not an attorney. I enjoy working with family law attorneys and they are a huge asset when going through a divorce, but I am not an attorney and I do not (nor can I) give any legal advice. 

When a couple enters a divorce, they are immediately asked to provide a basic financial affidavit attesting to the martial finances. That’s at the very beginning of the process! From there they will make one financial decision after another.

I am sure you have heard friends or others you know that may describe their divorce based on how much they think they won, whether it be with child custody or assets. The truth is very few individuals come out of divorce feeling as if they won anything, and many are fearful of how they will move forward financially.

As a CDFA® I bring my 10+ years of financial service experience to the forefront of the divorce process. Not only can I better help individuals understand what they own, valuations, and how or if the asset can be divided, but I provide confidence. Confidence that they know and understand the facts of their case and what they truly need to move beyond the final decree. With education and understanding my clients can make decisions clearly and without fear.

  • When is the best time to hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®)?

As early as possible! Financial guidance is valuable at every stage of life. As you navigate any life transition, a financial advisor by your side can help you be more prepared for any challenge and minimize any mistakes. A CDFA® can guide you through the steps of how to prepare for divorce before you even file, walk with you throughout the process, and then make sure you have fully implemented the decree, leaving no loose ends. The added value to having a CDFA® early on is making sure all the appropriate financial documents are requested or gathered the first time. While your attorney focuses on fighting for your legal rights, helping you to understand the law and how it is interpreted in your area, your CDFA® is fighting for your finances and making sure all items are in order before any finite decisions are made.

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