I recently had the opportunity to interview a successful female business owner. Through our conversation I discovered how and why she started in her line of business.  What caught my attention was not that she had an overwhelming passion for the work, which isn’t a bad thing, but that it started as a solution to a problem.  This woman now owns a growing insurance agency, but it all started because of some key factors. First, she was looking for her next move after working inside the home,  she was intrigued that the previous owner seemed to have the flexibility to be present at school volunteer functions, and she had growing children so learning about auto insurance seemed like useful information at that time.

Why do I tell you this?   I believe there are some valuable tips we can learn from other women that have stepped outside of the home or temporary jobs and built successful careers. In many cases women face more struggles after divorce because they find themselves having to make more life changes than their ex-spouse.  In Texas it is uncommon to see spousal maintenance and even more uncommon to see it last for any real length of time.  So, if you find yourself near the finality of your divorce or recently divorced and needing to find work consider these tips:

  1. Give yourself some grace! People do not commonly become successful business owners or build big careers overnight, there were baby steps. Start with step one.
  2. Define your priorities and the lifestyle you want to create for yourself. For just a minute think beyond the dollars you need to earn. What are the things that come to mind? (ex. flexibility, routine, growth, increased knowledge)
  3. Pay attention to those around you that emulate the lifestyle you are seeking, what is it that they do, is it something you could do down the road, and if so where do you start?

There can be success and growth after divorce. Focus your attention in front of you, not behind, find a direction and then learn what initial baby step you need to move in that direction. Taking that first step is scary, but you never know where it could take you unless you try.

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