The Institute for Divorce Financial Analyst summarizes the role of the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) professional as someone that helps both the client and lawyer understand how the financial decisions made today will impact the client’s financial future, based on certain assumptions. In many cases the CDFA® professional already has an extensive financial background as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) or in accounting as a CPA. 

That definition, although accurate, misses the most impactful service a CDFA® provides.  You have heard “knowledge breeds confidence, confidence destroys fear”.  When one of our loved ones becomes ill, our desire to help tends to drive us to research and learn everything we can about that illness.  Right?!? Ultimately, we lean on the professionals who are well trained to help our loved ones, but the more we learn and understand brings a level of calm that minimizes the fear of the unknown.  As we flip the equation to your divorce, consider the peace that more knowledge and understanding could bring to the situation. A CDFA® does more than help you determine the best financial course of action. They provide education about what you have and what it means to you, and ultimately guide you along the process to help you make the most informed decision about your settlement. That additional knowledge provides a new calm that otherwise would have you strapped in fear; fear of the unknown, fear of the future.  

Your CDFA® professional is specifically trained to help you gain an understanding of your financial outlay and then in turn identify for you and your spouse the most equitable settlement options. In addition, they can then illustrate how those settlement options could impact each of your financial futures.   It is expected that the role of the CDFA® professional would be to provide financial expertise for individuals engaged in the divorce process, but I believe the most overlooked advantage is their ability to minimize the impact of fear. They add a crucial factor that an attorney just cannot provide, financial clarity…for the now and the future.  Minimize your fear by hiring a CDFA® to help guide you through your divorce.